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I’d like to invite you to virtual travel around Ukraine. Here you are a lot of interesting things, and maybe you’ll decide to come here and see everything with your own eyes. Read more…

Travels → Ukraine


All about UkraineWhat do you know about Ukraine? Do you know that it’s the biggest European country when speaking about territory? What means its national emblem? Why its flag has blue color above and yellow below? What city is the most ancient and when was founded? What you can do in Ukraine in the summer? And in the winter, autumn, spring? If you don’t know all this things, you are welcome to a virtual tour around Ukraine, I’ll tell you a lots interesting things, sometimes surprising and unbelievable.
Have you got any question about what I tell you, or would you desire to know more? Then ask me in the Forum, I’ll answer to you with pleasure, and some things will emplane in my future articles.

Travels → Odesa


All about Odesa cityOdesa is one of the most beautiful and interesting Ukrainian cities. It’s got very lovely architecture and plenty of interesting places, Black Sea beaches and hot sunny weather at the summers and a lot of particularities that give it a picturesque flair. I’ll tell you about this city very soon and show the photos of it.
Would you like to ask me something about Odesa? Then you are welcome to the Forum, I’ll answer with pleasure there or in my new articles.

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